Whalemap Raises Over US$1.6M from Prominent Investors to Expand Engineering Team

Whalemap Update: Funding, Team Background, Upcoming Plans

We have an exciting update to share with you! We have raised US$1.6 million from several notable investors since our founding, and we’re excited to continue our journey to build a platform that uses blockchain data to track large crypto holders to find actionable insight.

Whalemap is a blockchain analytics platform that uses data science to deliver real-time actionable trading insights by looking at big market players. Our platform is committed to contributing to the blockchain community by making the space even more beginner-friendly, exciting, fun, and useful. One of the team’s primary goals is to shed light on data and insights that are traditionally only available to hedge funds while keeping it visually intuitive and simple.

Fundraising: Seed Round, Angel Investors, VC Firms

Whalemap’s seed round, which took place in August 2021, was co-led by Shima Capital and Momentum6, raising $720,000 at a $12M valuation.

Following that round, Whalemap raised $900,000 at an $18M valuation in a private round from several prominent investors, such as GSR, RR2 Capital and Ghaf Capital, as well as angel investors from and including Anthony Pompliano, Claystack, Coin98, Raptor Capital and Rarestone.

Aside from funding, the project has also received strategic guidance from Blockventure, helping to expand our project’s outreach, as well as NFT Technologies and EIV ventures, both of which have joined Whalemap’s cap table.

Whalemap Co-Founder Artem Lazarev said, “We see a future where blockchain analytics are an integral part of a mature crypto economy. And in the age of information overload, it is important to make it practical, engaging, and mainstream compatible. So far, blockchains have allowed for the democratization of the finance world. Now, with Whalemap’s help, it’s analytics’ turn.”

Whalemap Co-Founder Andy Bohutsky said, “Whalemap makes all traders equal. We democratise data and give every crypto enthusiast the key to analysing blockchain data. We utilise our tokemomics to make hedge fund level of data accessible to everyone.”

“Strong on-chain analytics in the crypto space has yet to be solved and Shima Capital is excited to back Whalemap which has the opportunity to deliver on becoming the Tableau of crypto.” — Yida Gao, Founder of Shima Capital

The funds will be used to expand Whalemap’s engineering team, especially on the data science and blockchain engineering side, to weave all Whalemap features into a sustainable blockchain data analytics platform with mainstream adoption in mind. For that, the team is expanding the platform’s functionality with mempool and DeFi analytics, delivering real-time and actionable analytics that the blockchain community is looking for. Whalemap is also focused on creating educational content and accessibility, as the project believes in highlighting the importance of fundamental blockchain data.


Whalemap has also partnered with several prominent influencers specializing in educational content, including Anthony Pompliano and Kouroush AK, both of whom share the team’s belief in educating the masses about blockchain data’s significant potential.

The Team

Whalemap’s Co-Founders Artem Lazarev, a physicist graduate from Imperial College London, and Andy Bohutsky, a graduate from Manchester School of Architecture, are leading a global team of core believers with experience at some of the world’s top tech companies, such as Facebook.

Whalemap’s engineers have a wealth of experience, having previously developed an order matching engine for a centralized crypto exchange and data pipelines for the biggest Russian bank, Sberbank. In addition, we have several leading data scientists working to achieve Whalemap’s mission. They graduated from top Russian universities and have previous experience working with the largest food retailer X5 Group.

Upcoming Plans

First, we’d like to thank our community, investors, and partners for their continued support. We believe in what we are doing, and the feedback from our community, as well as investments, show that we’re on the right track.

Whalemap’s native token, $WMP, will be available for public sale on Solstarter, with a fully diluted market cap of 24 million. The circulating market cap is still yet to be determined, but we are anticipating US$2.16M.

You can sign up for the giveaway through our Gleam campaign here.

About Whalemap

Whalemap was built by former physicists and designers with simplicity and utility in mind. Our goal is to bring transparency to the crypto market using fundamental blockchain data that is reliable, precise, fast, and comprehensible.

Please follow our social media channels to stay up to date with all upcoming developments.

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Exploring blockchains through data science to find actionable insight

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Exploring blockchains through data science to find actionable insight

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