Whalemap IDO: On-chain Analytics Platform Makes Debut on Solstarter

The Latest Developments for Whalemap

$WMP Is Listing on Solana-Based DEX Orca

  • Listing date: December 23, 2021
  • Trading pairs: USDC/WMP

What’s Next for Whalemap and Our Community?

  • $WMP DEX Launch: Listing on Orca
  • $WMP LP Staking Rewards: $WMP liquidity mining program
  • Whalemap PRO Data Pipeline: Real-time mempool data, Websocket API access
  • $WMP Token Ecosystem Improvement: $xWMP token launch
  • $WMP staking rewards
  • $WMP community airdrop
  • Whalemap PRO Trading Tools: DEX integration, wallet labeling, DeFi protocol analysis
  • $WMP Token Ecosystem Completion: $xWMP staking
  • Whalemap PRO Full Release



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