Whalemap Announces $5,000 $WMP Giveaway!

Hey there! We’re so grateful to our community and for everyone who has joined Whalemap. In return for being such a fantastic supporter of ours, we want to give our users a chance to win $WMP tokens (value at IDO price).

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be giving away $5,000 worth of $WMP, our native platform token that allows you to access the data and analytics that our PRO platform will provide.

About $WMP Token

$WMP is Whalemap’s native platform token that allows you to access the data and analytics that our platform provides. It will be native to the Solana blockchain but will also be cross-listed as ERC-20. In essence, holding our token will represent the power of Whalemap and the value of the data that we provide to our users.

The best part is you don’t need deep pockets to gain access to the Whalemap platform.

Whalemap wants to create affordable tools available to everyone, not expensive tools used by the few. Whalemap’s mission is to democratize data and empower members of the crypto community.

Staking $WMP will yield rewards in the form of xWMP, and is also planned to be used as a governance token in the future. Both of these features are currently in development and will be available soon.

To get access to Whalemap’s pro platform, users will need to pay with the $xWMP utility tokens that can be earned by staking $WMP tokens. There are also staking rewards for $xWMP holders in the form of redistributed rewards from the general usage of pro.whalemap.

More information about $WMP can be found here.

Whalemap Pro Summary: Features

Pro.whalemap will have five key features, including Super Real-time Analytics, Address Tagging, Multichain Support, DEX Integration, and DeFi Analytics. More information about pro.whalemap can be found here.

Pro.whalemap.io will be released next year and the demo version released in Q1 2022.

Here’s how to participate in the giveaway

Head to the Gleam Airdrop Campaign and complete the following:

  1. Follow @whale_map on Twitter (5 entries)
  2. Tweet with the #whalemap hashtag (5 entries)
  3. Tweet @whale_map on Twitter (8 entries)
  4. Join our official Telegram Group (5 entries)
  5. Join our official Telegram Announcements (5 entries)
  6. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (5 entries)
  7. Check out our latest Medium article and give us a clap! (5 entries)
  8. Refer friends for extra entries (10 entries)

Prize Distribution

  • 8 x $250 worth of $WMP
  • 10 x $150 worth of $WMP
  • 30 x $50 worth of $WMP

The event will begin on December 10, 2021, and end on December 14, 2021. Winners will be contacted through e-mail after the event finishes. Each winner will have $WMP sent to their wallet address provided through Gleam.

We look forward to growing our community and continuing to develop the best platform to provide easily accessible blockchain data to the public. Best of luck to all participants!

About Whalemap

Whalemap is a blockchain analytics platform that uses data science to deliver real-time actionable trading insights by looking at big market players. Founded by former physicists and designers, we are committed to contributing to the blockchain community by making this space even more beginner-friendly, exciting, fun, and useful. One of our primary goals is to shed light on data and insights that are traditionally only available to hedge funds while keeping it beautiful and simple.

As one of the original blockchain analytics companies, we have over 30,000 registered users, 65,000 followers on Twitter, and over 1 million API requests so far. We only expect these numbers to continue to grow as our data analytics tools become more advanced and sophisticated.

Follow Whalemap on social media to stay up to date with all the latest developments.

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Exploring blockchains through data science to find actionable insight

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Exploring blockchains through data science to find actionable insight

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