An Overview of Whalemap’s Tokenomics

Token Summary

  • Accrue value through utility, not hyperinflation
  • Key supporters get rewarded as Whalemap’s usage grows
  • Get access to leading on-chain analytics data
  • Long-term lockups that are only meant for long-term believers in the project
  • Specialized governance power over Whalemap
  • Airdrop to Whalemap’s loyal users that have joined its journey so far

Using $WMP and $xWMP in Whalemap’s Ecosystem

Whalemap Summary: Features

  1. DeFi Analytics — Gain insight into DeFi tokens’ true value based on underlying fundametals of their smart contracts
  2. Multichain Support — We will be bringing classic Whalemap charts to Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, and other blockchains
  3. Alerts — Be notified as soon as an important on-chain move happens
  4. Address Tagging — Tagging which type of player has made a transaction (exchange, OTC desk, retail player, whale, miner, etc.)
  5. Super Real-time Analytics — Mempool data analysed in real-time
  6. API— access GBs of Whalemap’s aggregated data through our API to build and backtest your own trading strategy
  7. DEX Integration — Integrating a trade button on our platform that will allow our users to buy and swap tokens without leaving Whalemap

Token Distribution: Allocation Chart

$WMP Roadmap

  • Max Supply 300M — Establish the total supply
  • Public Sale — Solstarter public sale
  • DEX Trading Pair — Token goes live on the market
  • Liquidity Mining Program — Incentive program for staking liquidity
  • WMP Ecosystem of utility — xWMP and WMP staking goes live
  • 1st Airdrop — 5% of the supply will be distributed among existing users

About Whalemap



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